مُلائِم \ agreeable: pleasing: an agreeable taste. applicable: which applies: These rules are not applicable to children. appropriate: suitable; proper for a special purpose or person: My employer always wears a suit in the office because he thinks it appropriate. convenient: useful; easy to deal with; suitable; causing no difficulty or discomfort: We arranged a convenient time and place for our meeting. This knife is a very convenient tool. fit: suitable, good enough: The water was not fit to drink, (with a and adj.) fitting This coat is a good fit. fitting: right; suitable; proper: It is fitting that we should remember him on his birthday. right: correct; not mistaken; suitable: the right answer; the right time; the right kind of cloth, the right way to play. suitable: satisfactory; meeting one’s needs: Fur coats are not suitable for use in hot weather. \ See Also مناسب (مُنَاسب)، مقبول (مَقْبُول)، سائغ (سَائِغ)، منطبق (مُنْطَبِق)، مريح (مُرِيح)، صحيح (صَحيح)‏

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